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Winter feeding

Close the Loop, Cut Your Costs: At a time when soaring fertilizer and fuel costs gnaw at every beef producer’s bottom line, free in-field nitrogen applications seem too good to be true, by Ed Haag, Angus Journal, August 2008

Save Hay with Stockpiling:
Winter regrowth in some areas makes stockpiling cool-season fescue a hay- and money-saving option, by Becky Mills, Angus Journal, August 2008


An Economic Winter Alternative: Strip-grazing standing corn with corn gluten feed offers a feeding option for winter, by Barb Baylor Anderson, Angus Journal, March 2008


All Feeders Not Equal: If you think that all hay feeders are equally effective at reducing waste, think again, by Ed Haag, Angus Journal, February 2008

Don’t Throw that Hay Away: There is more than one way to feed your cattle. With the cost of feeding at an all-time high, you should know which method leads to the least amount of waste, by Ed Haag, Angus Journal, January 2008

Cutting Feed Costs: Swath-grazing provides means to reduce forage production, winter feed costs, by Ed Haag, Angus Beef Bulletin, February 2007

Windrow Grazing: After going back to the family ranch, a South Dakota couple discovered that wintering cows in a nontraditional way could increase profitability, by Troy Smith, Angus Beef Bulletin, February 2007

Manage Winter Feed Supplies: Minimize winter feed costs by assessing nutrient contents of feeds and forages, determining the nutrient requirements of animals, and sorting animals according to nutrient needs, by Lance Ziesch, Angus Beef Bulletin, Febuary 2005

A Northern Feeding Option: Swath grazing can cut winter feed costs, by Heather Smith Thomas, Angus Journal, August 2003

Extended Grazing:
Graziers have options when tending cow to allow the animals to do much of the forage gathering (with sidebar: Supplementing Winter Grazing), by Troy Smith, Angus Journal, February 2003

Vet Call: Proper use of starch, fiber and protein in winter rations, by Bob Larson, Angus Journal, November 2000

Make ’em Forage: Weldon Thomson represents 6,000 brood cows, while Ken Remington’s herd numbers fewer than 100, but innovative management can enhance operations of any size. During the 1999 Range Beef Cow Symposium in Greeley, Colo., both commercial cowmen told how management of annual forage crops can help reduce cow maintenance costs, by Troy Smith, Angus Journal, April, 2000.

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