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Press releases

10/20/11 Hay Test Can Lead to More Efficient Feeding During Drought, by Blair Fannin, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

10/20/11 Strip-till, Legume Cover Crop System Could Help South Texas Growers, by Rod Santa Ana, Texas A&M AgriLifeExtension

06/26/09 Grazing Former CRP Lands Will Take Careful Management, by Kay Ledbetter, Texas A&M University

4/17/09 Ethanol Co-Product Use in U.S. Cattle Feeding: Lessons Learned and Considerations, a USDA Feed Outlook special report

04/16/09 Knowing Where to Look for Invasive Leafy Spurge, by Don Comis, ARS News Service

04/15/09 FDA Should not Delay Implementation of Enhanced Feed Ban, by Shae Dodson, R-CALF

04/08/09 To Deworm or Not to Deworm? by Texas AgriLife Extension Service and AgriLife Research

04/07/09 Producers Should Monitor Wheat Fields for Freeze Damage, by Steve Watson, Kansas State University

04/06/09 K-State Research Shows Potential in Feeding Cull Cows, by Mary Lou Peter, Kansas State University