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Grass and pasture forages


Grazing Former CRP Lands Will Take Careful Management, by Kay Ledbetter, Texas A&M University

Cow-Calf Buffet: As it applies to cattle performance and stocking rates on summer irrigated grazing ground, Utah State University researchers have discovered that three forages are better than one, by Ed Haag, Angus Journal, February 2009

Giving Utah Beef a Future:
With rangeland beef producers in Utah facing higher production costs and questions about the future of grazing on public land, Utah State University researchers are prepared to give them the cows and the system they need to remain economically viable through the 21st century, by Ed Haag, Angus Journal, February 2009

Yellow Star Thistle: A three-year California study suggests controlling the star thistle with timely grazing, by Ed Haag, Angus Journal, February 2009

Novel Fescue Stocker Strategy: With the price of light calves starting to drop at the sale barn, having a weaned-calf fescue grazing strategy could make all the difference to the bottom line, by Ed Haag, Angus Journal, November 2008


Bulls and Fescue Toxicity: If you want your bulls performing at the top of their game, know what they are eating, by Ed Haag, Angus Journal, August 2008

Heat & Fescue: Bad Combination for Heifers: Researchers identify direct links between high temperatures, the consumption of toxic fescue and impeded ovarian development in heifers, by Ed Haag, Angus Journal, August 2008

Boosting Pasture Production: As productive pasture acres are converted to profitable row crops, beef-cow producers look for ways to increase remaining pasture productivity, by Iowa Beef Center Staff, Angus Journal, August 2008

Alternatives for Reducing Forage Acres: Several alternatives may allow producers to manage the same amount of livestock on fewer acres of forage or carry more cows on the acres of forage they have available, by Iowa Beef Center Staff, Angus Journal, August 2008


Short-term and Supplemental Forages: Beef cattle producers may look to short-term or temporary forages to stretch production on fewer acres, by Iowa Beef Center Staff, Angus Journal, August 2008

Alternative Grazing Systems: Improve pasture productivity, extend forage availability or reduce pasture acreage requirements, by Iowa Beef Center Staff, Angus Journal, August 2008

Forage Systems Reduce Winter Feeding Period:
Develop a pasture system that best fits your situation, by Gerald Evers of Texas AgriLife Research, Angus Journal, August 2008

Manage Pastures to Optimize Resources: Multiple-pasture system could save nitrogen and hay costs, by Robert Burns, Angus Journal, August 2008

Save Hay with Stockpiling:
Winter regrowth in some areas makes stockpiling cool-season fescue a hay- and money-saving option, by Becky Mills, Angus Journal, August 2008

Lessons from the Weeds: Even weeds can teach us a thing or two about how to better manage our operations, by Ed Haag, Angus Journal, August 2008

Prevent Weed Invasions:
Use ranch biosecurity as a weed control measure, by Earl Creech, Brad Schultz & Ron Torell, Angus Journal, August 2008


Grazing to Greener Pastures: Consider drafting your cattle into your war on weeds, by Ed Haag, Angus Journal, April 2008

Grazing With Distillers’ Grains: The availability of distillers’ grains promises to change how many of us pasture our cattle, by Ed Haag, Angus Journal, March 2008

Monitoring Grazing Lands: How, Why, When, What: Paul Meiman’s presentation at the 2007 Range Beef Cow Symposium, summary, PowerPoint and proceedings available in the newsroom at www.rangebeefcow.com

Teff — Worth a Try: This new annual forage grass is high in protein and offers fast summer growth, by Kindra Gordon, Angus Journal, March 2008

Thriving in the South: ARS scientists search for better forage grasses to suit the Southern Plains, by Luis Pons, Angus Journal, March 2008

To Better Manage Irrigated Pasture Avoid Common Mistakes, by Troy Smith, Angus Journal, February 2007

Too Much of a Good Thing: Having reproductive problems in females grazing irrigated pasture? Maybe your cattle are suffering from too much protein, by Troy Smith, Angus Journal, February 2007

Pretty Good Feed for a Weed: Forage kochia has nutritive value and environmental benefit, by Troy Smith, Angus Journal, July 2006

Better Cover, More Feed: Washington Angus breeders are ahead of the grazing curve with triticale, by Ed Haag, Angus Journal, September 2005


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