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Hay and haylage


Wastewater Irrigation Effective on Bermudagrass Hay, by Ann Perry, USDA News & Events, Jan. 22, 2009


The Art of Buying Standing Hay: Buying standing forage might be your best option in a tight hay market, but you’d better make sure you do your homework, by Ed Haag, Angus Journal, October 2008


Damp Hay a Fire Risk: Monitor your damp bales for the risk of spontaneous combustion, by Ed Haag, Angus Journal, August 2008


Ridin’ Herd: Reduce hay storage losses, by Rick Rasby, Angus Journal, August 2008

Don’t Mess With Mold:
Palatability isn’t the only thing that should be of concern when feeding moldy hay, by Ed Haag, Angus Journal, August 2008


All Feaders Not Equal: If you think that all hay feeders are equally effective at reducing waste, think again, by Ed Haag, Angus Journal, February 2008


Don’t Throw that Hay Away: There is more than one way to feed your cattle. With the cost of feeding at an all-time high, you should know which method leads to the least amount of waste, by Ed Haag, Angus Journal, January 2008

Ridin’ Herd: Forage feeding losses can add up, by Rick Rasby, Angus Journal, February 2006

A Cut Above: Manage hay production for optimal quality, by Barb Baylor Anderson, Angus Journal, August 2002



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