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Ridin’ Herd: Summer mineral considerations, by Rick Rasby, Angus Journal, April 2008

Lipids and Reproduction: Conflicting results frustrate determination of the exact role dietary lipids play in beef cattle reproduction, by Ed Haag, Angus Journal, March 2008

Ridin’ Herd: What’s a Supplement to do?, by Rick Rasby, Angus Journal, March 2008


Mineral Moxie: The last one-third of a cow’s pregnancy is the time to use your mineral smarts, by Becky Mills, Angus Journal, February 2008

Salt: An Essential Element: Severe restriction of salt over a long period of time could result in permanent central nervous system damage, lower weight gain, poor feed conversion and lower quality grade, by Troy Smith, Angus Journal, February 2008


Super Supplements: Specialty feed ingredients offer to boost cattle health, performance and carcass quality, by Kindra Gordon, Angus Beef Bulletin, January 2006

Feeding Fat to Cows: Feeding vegetable fats during lactation can increase the number of cows that are cycling by breeding season, by Heather Smith Thomas, Angus Journal, February 2001


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